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A return to craftsmanship


At RSK, we make it our primary goal to guarantee that you not only receive the highest quality of service possible but also to leave with the feeling that this is a place you’d happily return to.

We pride ourselves on creating an environment that is welcoming to everyone. Our brand new waiting area features bright spaces, comfortable seating, and a creative environment that isn’t what you’d expect to find in a typical repair shop.

Our staff aren’t just highly-skilled – they’re also the friendliest car guys you’ll find in town.

Our standard is unparalleled and our passion is evident in the work we produce. At RSK, you can trust that your car is in good hands. From the smallest dent to the most complicated paint job, we promise you’ll leave with a smile on your face.

Recently partnering with ProColor Collision, we’ve driven into a fantastic opportunity to bring you an even better experience. Though there may be a new sign, the neighbourhood environment you love about RSK hasn’t gone anywhere; it’s only gotten better.  

the rsk story

Most people use their job as a way to get a car. My story, however, is not like most people. As a kid, I was always at classic car shows with my dad. From far away I heard this sound and it was clear something exciting was heading towards us. As it got closer and closer, I realized it was a model I had never seen before — this weird, square, shoebox-looking car. As it came around the parking lot, I said “wow, that is way cool!”

I was in love from that very moment.

After that, I quickly decided I wanted to build a space where cars could be maintained and brought to life.

If people are into their cars, then we have a home for them. It’s an old school approach to craftsmanship. The personal drive for all of us here at RSK is that we love creating. Being a part of the process and building your vision is what makes our jobs as caretakers an entirely different experience.

hamilton’s neighbourhood repair shop

Hamilton is where we chose to grow our business and master our craft. This is a city filled with community engagement that supports you to take each space and make it unique to you, much like we do for each and every car through our garage door.
We are built by Hamilton!
A very special thank you goes to my family, friends, crew and people who make this city home. Without your support, our dream wouldn’t have been possible.

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63 Cannon St E,
Hamilton, ON L8L 4W2

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